is a reliable supplier and marketer of diverse products of coal, coke and fuel-energy industry. Cooperating with Gerdnord, the customers receive professional working conditions with a quality guarantee. Trading company concludes deals only with qualified manufacturers, whose product meets high standards on the chemical industry market.
Gerdnord has a large list of salable products made from several dozen types of coke and coal. The main ones are:
-Coke nut 10-25 mm
– small-grained coke 0-11 mm-
-metallurgical coke
-coke of high fraction and other
The main customers of this type of products, thanks to the Gerdnord Trading Company, are Germany, France, the Netherlands, the participating countries of the European Union.
Also Gerdnord has a wide range of high-grade coal: antarctite 0-25, 6-13, 13-25, 25-80mm and others.
This type of products is being marketed by the company in Germany, Serbia, Holland, South Africa.

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