The main principle of Gerdnord is a professional approach to solving the most complicated problems with a qualitative result.

The list of obligations of the company includes:

  • – familiarization with all customer requirements
  • – search for the optimal product (including non-standard material and raw materials with limited output)
  • – verification of product certification
  • – problem solution of freight traffic
  • – drawing up a logistics plan, convenient for the client
  • – maximum fast execution term of contract implementation

The main goal of the Gerdnord Trading Company is to find an individual solution and dialogue with each client, which becomes available due to the high professionalism of the employees.
For Gerdnord it is important to build up social and economic experience and constantly increase the client base, asserting its reputation and the name of the company.
Long-term contracts with buyers and producers are of great importance.
Thanks to the careful selection of specialists from all sectors, Gerdnord guarantees to all present and future clients convenient working conditions and a high financial result.
Gerdnord provides optimal information about the markets of Ukraine, the neighboring CIS countries, Europe, and the African continent.

In addition, the company guarantees its customers the following advantages when concluding a transaction:

  • – the shortest period of execution of the contract
  • – qualified personnel who will select the most convenient conditions for the client in the field of prices, quality, delivery, terms
  • – Minimum risks of cargo transportation (Gerdnord uses only the most optimal logistics programs)
  • – guarantee partnership (a trading company is interested in increasing the market for the products being sold and purchased)

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